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Equity Release


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If you are a cash-strapped homeowner over 55, an equity release scheme could be ideal for you.

Many older people have a lot of home equity – value tied up in their property – but would like more ready money. Using a lifetime mortgage or reversion scheme could give you a release of equity, as a lump sum or in regular payments, to supplement your income.

It is essential that you seek professional financial and legal advice before signing up for equity release, as it will impact on your estate.

How To

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How to release equity from your home

Equity release is an important financial tool for older homeowners.

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10,000+ released equity in 2012

More than 10,000 older homeowners freed up some of the cash tied up in their pro...

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Jargon Buster

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Home reversion schemes are an alternative method of releasing equity from your p...

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Legal & General launches first equity release range

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Pensioners sitting on £900bn property wealth

Homeowners aged over 65 have accumulated property wealth of almost £900 billion...

Older borrowers need mortgage support

Banks and building societies must do more to help older borrowers, an organisati...

Interest-only prisoners turn to equity release

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‘Landmark decision’ to boost older borrowers

A landmark decision against HSBC will boost lending to older borrowers, the head...

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