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Revealed: the first thing a first-time buyer does

Christina Hoghton
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Christina Hoghton

On moving day, what could possibly come before making a cup of tea and getting your furniture in place?

Nearly three quarters of us (70%) would prioritise setting up a WiFi connection or plugging in our TV when we first move into a new home.

And this is far more important to us than having a sofa to sit on while watching it (40%), according to Principality Building Society.

The mutual surveyed 2,000 first-time buyers and found an overwhelmingly obsession with hooking up to the internet on moving-in day.

Online guides

Once it’s set up, we also rely on the internet to help with DIY, said Principality. Rather than calling on the help of mum and dad, just over a quarter (26%) of first time buyers would turn to online how-to guides or books for DIY tips.

Nearly 30% of new homeowners would go straight to an expert if something malfunctioned in their house, seeking professional help from plumbers or electricians, but over half (56%) would be happy to don their overalls and strip wallpaper themselves in their new home.

Customer director of the building society, Julie-Ann Haines said: “As a nation, we’re are so interested in getting online and that can often be the first thing on our minds when we’re working, travelling or even when we’ve just moved into a new home, picking technology over getting the house actually feeling like our own.

“And once we’re hooked up to the web, online tutorials are changing the way we do our houses up, with first time buyers turning to digital guides over their DIY dads. But ultimately, purchasing your first home is a really exciting milestone and first time buyers across the country can now start to make their house feel like a home.”