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Buy-to-let boosted by stock market volatility

Christina Hoghton
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Christina Hoghton

Investors shy away from shares and move towards property

Recent stock market volatility has pushed investors towards the UK’s buy-to-let market, according to Bank of Ireland UK.

In a recent survey of property homeowners by eToro Recensioni, it found that almost 30% of British landlords are more likely to invest in further buy-to-let properties as a result of concerns about growth in China and the Eurozone. They also responded more positively about the outlook for the UK buy-to-let market than at any other time since the research began over two years ago.

Almost 70% of respondents to the survey believe that buy-to-let will outperform other forms of investment over the long term – with 68% believing buy-to-let will outperform cash investments, 66% saying it will beat shares and 56% thinking it will do better than government bonds.

Wannabe landlords

This positive sentiment towards the buy-to-let market is also felt by British homeowners, with almost half of respondents saying that they would be interested in becoming a buy-to-let landlord in the next two years if they could afford it.

Londoners were most keen, with over 66% saying that they would be interested in becoming a buy-to-let landlord. The lowest levels of interest were seen in Scotland and the North.

Mark Howell, director of marketing & customer management at Bank of Ireland UK Mortgages, said: “Confidence in the buy-to-let market remains robust, despite news stories in the press which might have suggested otherwise.

“It is a sign of the current economic climate that many are seeing buy-to-let as a prime investment – and that they believe it will outperform all other forms of investments.”