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How to remortgage your buy to let

Paula John
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Paula John

Like your primary residential mortgage and many other things in life, it pays to shop around when it comes to your buy-to-let mortgage(s).

 The number of buy-to-let deals available has been rising for some years now, and the rates available can be very competitive, so you could save money by switching to a cheaper deal. But do bear in mind that buy-to-let mortgages often have hefty fees attached, so do factor that into your calculations. Also, following changes to the regulations surrounding buy to let, some lenders have tightened their criteria.

Also be aware that you may incur penalties if you remortgage before the end of the agreed term.


Reasons to remortgage


You may have been planning to increase your buy-to-let mortgage to free up some capital to invest in another property. Mortgage lenders are looking to minimise their exposure to risk in the current climate, so don’t automatically expect them to be forthcoming if you intend to raise capital in this way.


If you have more than one property, you may want to remortgage so that your portfolio is all under one roof, so to speak. Some lenders offer mortgages based on an amount for the whole portfolio rather than the individual properties. Again, remember to check the terms of your current mortgages before you do this, as you may incur charges for switching.

Remember that most buy-to-let mortgages are only available via mortgage advisers, and it can make good sense to consult a professional to help you with a buy-to-let remortgage.