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Two-thirds of new homeowners invest in kitchen

Adam Williams
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Adam Williams

Two-in-three new homeowners make changes to their kitchen once they have purchased a new property.

Research released by Ocean shows some 68% of homeowners felt they needed to renovate their new kitchens once they had moved in.

Of those people 8% said they go on to update their kitchen every one or two years although the majority (62%) do not make major adjustments after the initial refurbishment.

People aged 55 and over are the most likely to change their new property, with less than a quarter (23%) of respondents liking the kitchen in its current state.

Perhaps hampered by a lack of disposable cash following a house purchase, homebuyers aged 35 to 44 were the most likely group to stick with the existing kitchen

Ocean’s Ian Williams said many who disliked the kitchen in a newly purchased property looked for cheap ways to change the look of the room.

“For many people, the kitchen is the hub of their home and the first room they look to update when they move in,” he said.

“Whilst a complete new kitchen can run into many thousands of pounds and may be out of reach for some homebuyers, there are ways of changing the look without breaking the bank. These can range from new doors and handles for the kitchen units, updating work surfaces, changing the tiles or splash-backs or simply repainting.”