Don’t let burglars find easy pickings at your home this summer

Christina Hoghton
Written By:
Christina Hoghton

Warm weather means open windows – a opportunistic burglar’s dream

As the weather gets warmer, of course it’s lovely to have a breeze flowing into your home.

But unlocked doors and open windows are an open invitation to intruders, according to Lloyds Bank Home Insurance.

It said there was a 31% increase in the value of claims for unforced burglary between summer and winter months last year, with many thefts occurring while people are at home.

As a result, the provider has offered its top tips to protect your home over the summer period:

  • Don’t leave valuables within plain sight or where they might be reached through open windows
  • Make sure you have adequate home insurance which also covers belongings in the garden
  • Keep receipts for valuable items to help in the event of a claim
  • Mark items with an ultra-violet pen to help trace them if stolen
  • Don’t leave a spare key hidden outside as most burglars know where to look
  • Install a burglar alarm in a prominent place and always set it at night and when leaving your property
  • Make sure doors are locked at the end of the day, especially if children have been running in and out of the house
  • Think before posting holiday pictures on social media, this can make burglars aware that your house is empty
  • Keep gardens maintained and trees pruned to remove hiding places for burglars
  • Put away tools and equipment that could be used to break into homes
  • Lock away items such as garden ornaments, furniture and bikes when they are not being used
  • Keep windows closed when not in the room.

Senior claims manager at Lloyds Bank, Tim Downes added: “As the mercury rises over the summer months, we start to see a similar spike in summer burglaries, as people are more focused on relaxing and unwinding with friends and family.

“While summer is all about enjoying the warm weather and longer days, people should still remain alert when it comes to their homes.

“If homeowners aren’t careful, burglars can easily reach in through open windows and doors for small items such as jewellery, smartphones, and car keys.

“Taking a few simple steps will take the sting out of summer meaning sun-worshippers can enjoy soaking up the rays.