Seven million Brits move back with parents after a break up

Christina Hoghton
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Christina Hoghton

Financial pressures cause a move back to the family home after a relationship breakdown

A whopping 7.2m Brits have moved back in with their parents following a relationship breakdown, usually because of financial worries.

Whether it’s a divorce or relationship break up, 14% of the adult population is forced home at some point, said Churchill Home Insurance.

Rising rent and mortgage costs make it hard for those who have recently come out of a relationship to afford their own accommodation.

So it’s no surpise that financial reasons are listed as the main cause of needing to move back home with parents (55%), as well as parental emotional support (37%) and help with childcare (13%). A quarter (25%) of those who have moved back with their parents did so following a bad break up, needing distance or independence from their ex-partner.

Martin Scott, head of Churchill Home Insurance, said: “A separation or divorce is an emotionally traumatic experience and sometimes parents are exactly what we need to help us get through these difficult periods in our lives. The additional financial strain of having to keep separate properties often means it’s easier to move in with family, rather than try and find somewhere else to live.”

Six month stint

People spend an average of six months living with their parents after breaking up with a partner. This is highest among men (six months versus five months for women) and those aged 18-34 (7.5 months). Unsurprisingly, the majority of adults (68%) bring all their belongings to their parents’ house with them following a break up.

Scott added: “Anyone moving back in with their parents should ensure their parents’ home insurance policy is sufficient to cover their additional belongings, as well as anything belonging to visiting children, or items in a storage unit. If you don’t check with your insurance provider, you may find that you’re underinsured or even not insured at all.”