Emergency plumber cover launched by Direct Line

Christina Hoghton
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Christina Hoghton

Getting a plumber to a leak in your home within three hours is a commitment that could save you thousands

Direct Line has launched a Emergency Plumber feature as standard with its Direct Line Home Plus policy.

The new service will ensure a plumber attends a customer’s property within three hours to address unstoppable leaks, such as those from a burst pipe, and the insurer claims that this is the shortest time-frame on offer in the industry.

A quick remedy is needed with a burst pipe as it can result in 30 gallons of water escaping in as little as two minutes. During freezing weather spells as many as 3,500 claims have been recorded in a single day for burst pipe damage, costing the average household £7,000.

According to Direct Line £2.5m is paid out to customers by UK insurers for escape of water every day.

Morgan Simpson, Direct Line home emergency response manager, said: “Water moves fast, but fortunately, so do we. Escape of water is the highest claimed peril by value. A pipe can burst very suddenly, at any time of the year, and every minute counts, so getting a plumber within three hours, will take a lot of hassle out of making a claim.”

Direct Line has also offered its top tips for managing a leak:

Find your stop valve (stopcock) – it is almost always on the ground floor and in a room where water will be used

Turn off the water – it is also a good idea to turn your stop valve once every six months to stop it seizing up

Damage control – turn off all electricity, place a bucket under the leak, wrap a towel around the leak and turn on some taps around the house to limit pressure

Document the damage – this will make the claims process easier when you contact your insurer.