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Rental prices continue to grow

Adam Williams
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Adam Williams

Rental prices have contained to steam ahead in recent months, new research has shown.

Data compiled by Hometrack and released to The Independent looked at the average price of a two-bed property across England, Scotland and Wales.

It found the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea was the most expensive location in the country, with this property type commanding a monthly rent of £2,970.

High prices were not just restricted to the capital. The average price in the university towns of Cambridge and Oxford topped £1,200 per month, it said.

At the other end of the scale, the town of Pendle in Lancashire was home to the cheapest rents. Tenants in this town paid an average of £368 per month for a two-bed property.

In Scotland, Aberdeen was home to the highest rents. A typical rent in the UK’s oil capital would set you back is £950 per month. This is more than double that of nearby town Angus.

Cardiff topped the league table in Wales with a typical rent of around £650 per month, much higher than the £375 in nearby Blaenau Gwent.