Don’t make this simple mistake that could invalidate your home cover

Christina Hoghton
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Christina Hoghton

Homeowners are being warned that they might not be covered if they forget to tell their insurer they’ve moved home

Moving home can be stressful and there’s lots to remember.

But don’t forget to contact your home insurer because, if you fail to let them know you’ve moved, you’re cover could be invalidated, said Admiral.

The insurance provider has has seen an increase in homeowners who have forgotten to tell them they’ve moved home, despite a rise in the number of overall home moves.

Now it is urging homeowners to notify their insurer to avoid invalidating claims.

David Fowkes, head of household underwriting at Admiral, said: “With lots to plan and consider, it’s no surprise that some homeowners are forgetting to keep up with some of the admin involved, like updating their home insurance policy details.

“We’ve recently seen an increase in the number of people who have forgotten to tell us that they’ve moved home, meaning their home insurance policy is still linked to their old address. This has only come to light when they’ve contacted us to make a claim. As we base our insurance premiums on the address of the home on cover, it means that technically their home could be uninsured.”

“To avoid being caught out, we’re reminding homeowners who are moving home to get in touch with their insurance provider to make sure their home, personal belongings and valuables remain protected. It’s also a good opportunity to review your cover to add any high value items you might be buying for your new home and to make sure you have the right level of cover.”

Top tips to protect your belongings

If you’re moving home soon, Admiral offers the following advice:

  • Insurance for buildings cover needs to start on the date contracts are exchanged, which is often before you move in – so make sure this is all updated in time
  • If you only require contents insurance, you must notify your insurer the day you move in
  • If you have bought any additional high value items for your new home, you’ll also need to tell your insurer about this to make sure they’re covered on your policy
  • Admiral customers need to tell the insurer before they move to ensure their new home is on cover and in case there are changes to the policy. Check with your own insurer to make sure your property remains covered.