Nine-fold increase in storm home claims in a week

Christina Hoghton
Written By:
Christina Hoghton

Storm Clodagh left a trail of damage in her wake, and a rise in home insurance claims

After last week’s storm Clodagh, Co-op Insurance saw a nine-fold increase in storm claims due to the strong winds and heavy rain which damaged homes across the UK.

And it said that claims quadrupled after Storms Abigail and Barney earlier in November, with a huge spike seen on 17th November.

The most common claims were due to roof damage (slates, ridge tiles, chimney pots), but others related to structural damage to gable end walls or to destruction caused by fallen trees.

Jonathan Guy, head of claims at Co-op Insurance, said: “There are certain things you can do to protect your home in advance of a storm coming, but one of the key things that will minimise any damage is maintaining your property on a regular basis.

“Ensuring you keep on top of garden maintenance and checking that the house itself and any outbuildings are in a good condition can make a huge difference if they are battered by wind and rain.”

Co-op Insurance has provided homeowners with the following tips to keep their properties safe:

  • Check that roof tiles are intact and clear any gutters and drains around your property to ensure that water can’t build up and cause flooding. This will also help to avoid pipe blockages
  • Prune large branches  on trees and shrubs
  • Secure other items in the garden such as furniture, pot plants and ladders
  • Park your car away from large trees in case there are any falling branches
  • Know where to switch off your utilities at the mains – gas, electricity and water
  • Back up computers and switch them off to avoid losing any sentimental items e.g. photographs
  • If you lose power, have a torch at the ready instead of candles as these could pose a fire hazard.