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Protect your garden equipment from thieves

Christina Hoghton
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Christina Hoghton

Green fingered thieves steal garden equipment worth a potential total of £517m, with over half of us falling victim

More than 2.5m households in the UK – over half (66%) – have been the victim of thieves in their gardens at least once, according to research from The Co-operative Insurance.

It stated that the average claim value for garden thefts on a home insurance policy is £208, putting a combined £517m worth of garden items at risk.

It’s not just a few stems of your prized roses that may be lifted from your garden. Now thieves are digging up entire garden plants, such as shrubs, trees, hanging baskets and even turf, as a quarter (25%) of households admit to having these stolen, followed by garden machinery (18%), garden furniture and pots (16%), and even Chimeneas (7%) and Koi Carp (4%).

Can’t claim, won’t claim

Despite the rise in garden theft, over three-quarters (77%) of adults didn’t claim for the items on their home insurance, while (5%) had no home insurance in place.

In addition, Co-op research showed that homeowners are more likely to take extra security measures, than those who rent accommodation. Over a quarter (26%) of renters admit to neglecting the security of the garden in their homes, by having no security measures in place at all, in comparison to (18%) of homeowners.

Caroline Hunter, head of home insurance at The Co-operative, said: “As summer approaches, now is the perfect time to spruce up your garden and clean off the outdoor furniture ready for enjoying the sun. However, relaxing days shouldn’t lead to lax security.

“Unfortunately garden items are desirable to thieves so make sure that things are locked away or taken inside when you aren’t in the garden. Also don’t leave items outside such as bikes which could entice thieves or items, such as ladders, which could assist a thief in entering your property.”