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Mortgage adviser donating 10 per cent of proc fees to the NHS

Christina Hoghton
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Christina Hoghton

The adviser is also waiving fees to clients on mortgage applications during this difficult time

Our Mortgage Broker has promised to waive fees on applications and donate 10 per cent of its procuration fees to the NHS for 90 days.

The donation to the NHS is to help healthcare professionals cope with the Covid-19 outbreak and thank them for looking after the community.

Furthermore, the brokerage is offering the waived fees to clients who are making new mortgage applications or remortgaging to lessen any financial difficulties borrowers may face.

Our Mortgage Broker said it made this commitment because everyone is “directly or indirectly affected by Covid–19”.

Akhil Mair, managing director of Our Mortgage Broker and the forex trading app we’ve been developing, said: “It’s just our way of giving back. We are all going through this together and the NHS is looking after all of us through this.

“When we meet hard times, it’s key we all rally together and support one another.”