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Beware Bonfire Night break-ins

Christina Hoghton
Written By:
Christina Hoghton

Burglaries rise on 5th November so secure your home.

There has been an alarming 14% annual hike in people having to claim on their home insurance because of Bonfire Night break-ins, as burglars target empty houses, according to Churchill Insurance.

Would-be thieves also use the cover of darkness and the loud noises created by fireworks to hide their crimes, and unsuspecting families can return from an evening of watching fireworks to find their home has been broken into.

Steve Jackson, home claims manager at Churchill Insurance, warned:

“The traditions associated with Guy Fawkes night create ideal conditions for burglars. Early nightfall and loud noises tied with empty houses can act as a cover for opportunistic thieves. To deter burglars, we encourage homeowners to ensure that they lock their doors, activate any alarms and consider strategic lighting to illuminate any dark parts of their property to make it look occupied. These autumnal nights are fun for the whole family, but theft can quickly sour the festivities.”

Churchill Home Insurance has produced a list of top tips to secure your home and put off burglars:

  • Make sure doors are locked and windows are sealed before you leave home, even if you are just popping out for a few minutes to see the fireworks
  • Switch on alarms and use stickers to advertise that your house has a security system
  • Invest in security lights to put off thieves
  • Overgrown plants and bushes can be used as hiding places by thieves, so ensure you trim back any unwieldy bushes
  • If you’re leaving your house empty for long periods, strategically leave some lights on or invest in timed lighting
  • Don’t leave any ladders or garden furniture out in the open. Thieves could use these items to enter or escape.