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Case study – Offset mortgage

Paula John
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Paula John

Pavel and Sophie Kopiszka, both 45, live in Norwich. They took out an offset mortgage with the online part of a large banking group when they moved house in 2018.

“We have held all our accounts with the bank  for years and had savings accounts and ISAs with them,” explains Pavel.

“But we calculated that it made much more sense to cash in our ISAs and offset the whole lot against our mortgage debt. Obviously ISAs are appealing as they are tax-free – but then, as all of our savings are now tied up in our mortgage, the whole lot is tax-free. And we can access what were our savings whenever we want if necessary.”

Sophie adds: “The interest rate charged on the offset mortgage is a fair bit lower than we were previously paying on a fixed rate, but we decided to maintain our monthly repayments at the same level, so we are overpaying a fair amount. If we can keep it up then we should pay off our mortgage years early, and save many thousands of pounds, which is fantastic.”