Halifax cuts fee-free remortgage rates

Christina Hoghton
Written By:
Christina Hoghton

Those wanting to switch their mortgage could find a cheaper deal

Halifax has made a series of reductions to its fee-free remortgage deals, by as much as 0.36 per cent.

Two-year fixes at up to 60 per cent and 85 per cent of the property’s value have seen rate cuts of 0.11 per cent to 2.48 per cent and 2.83 per cent respectively.

The two-year fixed remortgage at 75 per cent loan-to-value has had a rate reduction of 0.35 per cent to 2.53 per cent. At 80 per cent, rates have been cut by 0.06 per cent to 2.83 per cent.

Across the five-year fixed offerings, the 60 per cent LTV has seen a rate reduction of 0.36 per cent to 2.59 per cent and the 75 per cent remortgage product has been cut by 0.35 per cent to 2.68 per cent.

The changes will be effective from 15 June.