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The UK's rental hotspots revealed

The UK's rental hotspots revealed
Christina Hoghton
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Christina Hoghton

One in five homes are rentals in some places, but there's a huge difference across the UK.

According to, London has the most rental properties in the UK, with one in five (20.81%) of houses being privately rented.

The price comparison site analysed government data, including the percentage of properties that are privately rented across the UK.

One in six (15.29%) of homes in England are privately rented, compared to 14.9% in Scotland and 14% in Wales and Northern Ireland.

Most rentals in the capital

London has the largest percentage of rented properties, at 20.81%.

Yorkshire and the Humber came in second place, with 15.39% of its properties being privately rented.

The North East had the lowest percentage of rented properties at 13.27%. This was followed by the South East with 13.55%, and the West Midlands with 13.94% of all houses privately rented.

Most rental properties are terraced houses (46.1%), purpose-built flats or maisonettes (38.7%).

Regional breakdown

Below is the percentage of all homes that are privately rented in each region:

1. London – 20.81%

2. Yorkshire and the Humber – 15.39%

3. Scotland – 14.90%

4. East Midlands – 14.82%

5. South West – 14.75%

6. East – 14.42%

7. North West – 14.06%

8. Wales – 14.00%

8. Northern Ireland- 14.00%

10. West Midlands – 13.94%

11. South East – 13.55%

12. North East – 13.27%.