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Two weeks to sell your home!

Christina Hoghton
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Christina Hoghton

A new survey has found that estate agents lose interest in selling your property if it doesn’t attract a buyer in the first fortnight

You only have two weeks to sell your home before your estate agent could lose interest, according to a new survey by

The online estate agent polled more than 2,000 UK sellers who have sold a property in the past 12 months, to ask them what they thought of the service they received from the estate agent who sold their property.

Half (50%) of respondents felt the estate agent’s commitment to sell their property dropped off considerably after the initial couple of weeks of marketing, and by the second week they felt they were already having to chase the estate agent for updates.

Sellers were also asked about the price their agent put their property on the market. It is not uncommon for high street estate agents to promise an unrealistic sale price to get sellers signed up, only for the agent to quickly recommend a price drop once the property is marketed.

More than half (51%) of those sellers polled revealed that their estate agent suggested they drop the asking price soon after marketing their property.

Alex Gosling, CEO of online estate agents commented:

“Sellers shouldn’t feel under pressure, but often do, to lower the price to attract a buyer, especially when viewings dry up. And the agent is in a much stronger position to suggest dropping the price, when the seller is tied into a contract.

“It’s important to make sure you your agent clearly explains how they are going to market your property, and not just in the first couple of weeks, but until your property secures an offer. Ask your agent for a weekly update, and clear feedback, whether positive or negative, on what people have said after each viewing, if an offer hasn’t been forthcoming.”