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Six out of 10 Brits browse property sites

Christina Hoghton
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Christina Hoghton

Are you hooked on property porn? If so, you are in good company

Property porn is where 63% of Brits get their kicks, browsing property portals with no intention of buying, according to research from Direct Line Home Insurance.

And a devoted 2.6 million home obsessives admit to needing their online property fix on a daily basis.

The obsession is part fantasy about our dream homes and part snooping, with almost four in 10 (38%) having checked the price of someone else’s home online in the last year.

Neighbour’s homes were the most commonly snooped on (by 52%) followed by family members (38%), close friends (31%) and colleagues (21%).

Property lovers league table

Direct Line’s city league table revealed that the most enthusiastic property browsers are in Sheffield, where three quarters (74%) of all adults admit to window shopping for homes. London (72%) and Newcastle (70%) complete the top three.

Katie Lomas, head of Direct Line Home Insurance, said: “We are a nation of property obsessives with very good reason. Our homes are our castles and becoming a homeowner or even climbing the ladder in the UK is a huge challenge and aspiration for many.

“Property sites are a source of information and inspiration and browsing these sites has become something of a past-time for millions of people. The flip side of this trend is that those who list on these sites exhibit their homes and belongings to millions of strangers every day. A common-sense approach to the images they present is important – ask your estate agent to avoid images that show expensive personal possessions or personal information and don’t display the full address.

“If you are selling your home on a property website, make sure it is protected with a fully comprehensive home insurance policy.”